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Preparing today's students for tomorrow's technology-infused world.

Being a part of CITI partnerships will bring a variety of rewards to you.  As part of an ongoing dialogue you can work directly with the educators shaping your future workforce.  You can invest strategically in programs or regions of particular interest to your company.  You can invest in ways that show your commitment to your community and recruiting high quality graduates. 

CITI needs industry to be involved in a variety of important roles.


Speak at an upcoming CITI conference on topics in human resources, corporate training, recruiting or creating ties between education and industry.

Write an article for an upcoming CITI newsletter on the industry trends as they affect education.

Participate in our Spotlight section, highlighting partnerships between industry and K-12 and higher education institutions to enhance IT education.

Provide externships for K-12 teachers to experience the demands of workforce roles in your company.  This can be used to develop new curriculum pieces that increase the relevance of IT education.

Advise CITI.  We need Industry Advisers to keep us plugged into the changing needs of Industry.

Community Investment

Develop a model partnership with CITI and a local community (or region) to develop new programs at the K-12 or higher education level. 

Partner with CITI to invest in infrastructure to continue building IT education programs.

Partner with CITI and a region to address diversity issues in IT education.


Partner with CITI to equip K-12 schools with the hardware and software they need to create meaningful IT education programs.

Strategic Investment

Work with CITI to develop programs and research you see as necessary to equip schools and colleges to produce well rounded graduates with an education relevant to their lives and careers.


Tell other corporations about CITI and our mission.  We need a broad range of industry partners throughout Massachusetts.

Lobby government on the importance of relevant IT education for all Massachusetts students to create a population able to participate, lead and innovate in a technology infused world.

Please contact us electronically (link to contact form) or in person to discuss a partnership with CITI.



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